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Since 2017

SpecsToGo is the result of natural progression.  What started as an independent optical laboratory over 50 years ago has grown and evolved into an independent eyewear distributor for independent manufacturers, independent eyewear boutiques, local Medicaid eyewear provider and wholesale outlet to the public.

We have spent years in our profession and watched the industry change.  What was once filled with independent doctors of optometry, ophthalmology and independent boutiques offering some of the most unique treasures of eyewear has changed.  Just a few short years ago eyecare professionals prided themselves on their unique frame selection.  Never wanting  to look like the one down the street they were constantly in search of products that would set them apart from the competition.  This resulted in consumers having access to products that they would otherwise never see from craftsmen they never heard of.  That was then.

Today the industry is dominated by a select few entities.  These large entities:

  • Own the insurance company that outlines your benefits
  • Own the company that you purchase your eyewear from
  • Own the lens manufacturer that makes your lenses
  • Own the laboratory where your lenses are made
  • Own the frame manufacturers that you get to select from in their stores
  • They employ the doctor that provides the exam.

Do you see a trend here?

After years of being committed to eyewear excellence we decided the next logical step was to create website featuring products made by independent frame manufacturers.  Bringing to light the spectacular options you never knew existed.  Here at SpecsToGo you will not see brands that are attached to Big Business.  Do you really think your sneaker company makes frames?  Your favorite clothing designer? Or actor?  No.  They are paid for the use of their names…and their name is expensive!  If the big frame companies can’t save money on their “Brand” then where do they cut costs?  Quality?   So ask yourself “Do I really want to pay big money for mass produced lens holders that every other person wears just to promote the style of the status quo?” or would you rather invest in something made with better quality materials and craftsmanship that reflects YOUR style?

Take some time and look around.  With products to suite any budget you are surely going to find your perfect fit! Thank you for support.  If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to drop us a line.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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